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 Zap, Boom, Bang, All Done

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PostSubject: Zap, Boom, Bang, All Done   Sun May 17, 2009 8:30 am

Chapter 2

Year 9
Day 8 Of High School
Wednesday 18/2/2009

Dear Dumb Diary that doesn’t solve my problems.

Sorry I haven’t written in a week. I didn’t exactly want to bore you to death and I had to write this stupid essay on the importance of spies. (Whole school assignment.) Which by the way I got an A+ for and it was sent into a national competition.

Today was absolutely horrible; it was fine until I was called to the principles office again. The suited guys were back still wearing their stupid glasses. I mean come on their inside and it’s not even sunny outside. I wasn’t alone though this time. I was accompanied by Rose (the robot), Stacey (the cheerleader), Gunner (the runner) and Hitoshirezu (the wagger).
It turns out that us five out of 10 contestants were chosen to get Thursday off school each week to work for them, but as we were the five that didn’t want that, I was furious. Searching the room for something to throw at them, I settled with my chair. I thought that maybe it would have made them fire me but apparently it just made them like me more.
We were told to study each other, our strengths, weaknesses, phone numbers and any other useful information (useful for what…a test.) I started with the wagger, Hito blah, blah, blah(funny name).

Funny name is like a ninja. He is there one second and gone the next. He is friendly to the environment and knows a persons every weak spot. I thought we might get along until I found out his weakness is school. Can’t believe he hates it that much. His phone number is 1345554717.

Stacey is an acrobat. She has won 3 national gymnastics contests and her cheerleading team has also won nationals 5 years in a row. Her weakness is junk food once again a good friendship down the drain. Although she does keep a B+ average. That’s definitely a +. Her number is 1345550148.

Gunner, (fast as a speedy bullet) is a runner. He has never lost a race in his life. I think he’s just too big headed to admit he lost. His weakness is ghosts. He’s a mediator. Sees visions too. Bet he looses his races when a ghost screams in his ear. Although being the hottest guy in school to the popular’s, he actually really stupid. He relies on getting a sport scholarship to get into university.

When they asked about me I said that they may think I was a nerd. Your average sits in the library gal, but when I got home I was a cyber space killer. Their reactions were so hilarious it was hard not to laugh. But I managed to keep it down. As far as they knew I had split personality, which was my strength and weakness. My number is 1345551881. Robo was the only one that didn’t fall for my cover story. She would have too if it wasn’t for the fact that she was a mind reader. I spotted this when she accidentally answered my thought. And boy was she pissed off.

Robo is a…well…robot. Her programmed reflexes are top notch and her strength is to die for. Wonder how much her parents had to pay for such a high tech machine. Although she reads minds she hates people being nice to her. Just how I will piss her off. As well complimenting her out loud I can pulverise her with my thoughts as well. Her number is 1345551040.

I was bored to death once I had finished my conversations. Everyone else was still talking except for Robo and I and I didn’t exactly want to talk to her. Like I had a choice. I bet she chuckled at that thought. I decided to do some eaves dropping to figure out what was going on. I went to Robo to use her as a prop. She didn’t seem to mind being a prop as she knew my plan. No doubt she already knew what was going on but she wasn’t going to tell me. The four men were mumbling so quietly I could only pick out a few words like:
“Training… Spy…Bridget…There perfect…powers”
What I got out of that was that was that these people were going to train us to be spies for this Bridget lady. According to Robo I was almost right on mark.
I decided to let it slip my mind, as I would find out what was happening tomorrow. The thought sent shivers down my spine. When we were called to order Bob announced we would be doing some teamwork stuff.

We started with a game called Case Closed. Stewart was running it, we all closed our eyes and he would make someone the murderer. And everyone had to accuse someone and plead their innocence. Robo was exceptional at the game. What was annoying though was, that after every round, Stewart, would write stuff down on his little notepad like he was psycho analysing us.

All the guys analysed us though. Bill when we were playing Hide and seek wrote whole pages. It seamed no one could find Fancy name, it was as if we didn’t want to, this sent Bill absolutely nuts. Especially when Robo couldn’t find him. He wrote at least 3 pages on that factor, and we had to wait almost 5 minutes for the next round.

The obstacle course that Bob set up was difficult. It had nets, ropes, tunnels, walls and every other obstacle imaginable. It would have been harder if we could have done it singly but we did it as a team. On the more challenging obstacles, Stacey went first. This was obviously her area of expertise. She would go through with ease then help us all get through. It turns out, we actually work well as a team. The most difficult was the log. The log was smooth, wet, slippery and impossible to get grip on. It wasn’t until we came up with the idea to go across on our stomachs, that we all got across. Fancy name got across as if he had just walked around. Which was quite interesting (I still recon that he did just walk around). Stacey was so exited when Gunner asked for help with obstacles as she got to hold him closely. I don’t think he minded that much though.

Brad set up a memory game with cards. Stacey was really good; she almost always got them right. Each round she picked out the pairs as if when we flipped them we left them face up. Brad found this interesting. He even called over Bill to watch. Robo was pretty good too her reading everyone’s minds and all. I realized almost strait away that Stacey had advanced photographic memory. I started to flip the cards so only I could see them. I was also being super nice to Robo in my mind to keep her out of my head. Gunner and Fancy name pretty much sucked. I could tell they weren’t very good with their memories.

We also did some running races and other small challenges. Like puzzles and play station games. At one point we even had to work together and assemble a computer.
Everyone was getting along. Except for me of course, like I said I’m not really a people person. I think the suited guys noticed as Bill confronted me and told me to get involved and be more of a team member. I tried my best but still just didn’t quite fit in. I think I was just missing my friends. I hadn’t seen them all day. I think Stacey was also missing her squad and Gunner his team.

When I got home there was a letter addressed to me on the table. It was from
The school. It stated that I had won along with four others the spy essay competition. My prize would be waiting for me at school tomorrow, 19 of Feb. I suddenly registered that the other four winners must be Gunner, Stacey, Fancy name and Robo. The prize was the day off. The question is, where would we be going? And, would it really be a day off or would we just be moving our challenges outside of school.
I wondered when I would see my friends again? Would next week go back to normal? Should my parents be informed? Did he principle actually know what was going on?
For dinner we had Sausages, salad and mash. Just as I was about to tell my parents about what was happening, the phone rang. The man on the other end said only one sentence before hanging up. He said:
Don’t tell your parents what’s happening.
I knew that I should tell my parents strait away. I had always been told that if someone says not to tell your parents you should always tell them. And I was a big one for following rules.
My sister and mum looked like they saw it coming. But my dad looked really confused.

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PostSubject: Re: Zap, Boom, Bang, All Done   Sun May 17, 2009 10:37 am

oh brilliant! our weekend of writing payed off!!! Remember to label the chapters so people know wich one they're reading!


Totally forgot about being 14, being 15 sucks!

Okay, that's a lie. I don't need my bush so much anymore ^^

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I constant way to keep in touch with me. (just in case)
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Zap, Boom, Bang, All Done
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