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 Hide and Seek Special Mo edition

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Squishy Pet Monkey Tank

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PostSubject: Hide and Seek Special Mo edition   Mon Dec 01, 2008 12:31 pm

First of all, what happened to the screenie section/ category in the forum? Couldn't find it. >.< (so, if this needs to be moved, please do)

Anyways, moving along now. As some of you might know, I decided to do a special Hide and Seek for Mo in game. Clues were given about every 3-5 mins depending on how fast/ slow Mo took. First of, I decided to go easy on her but apparently this was the one where she took the longest I think.

First hiding spot was in Roumen since I figured it's the first round so might as well make it in Roumen.

*note* Mo got lost because she didn't look between the houses Very Happy (read the whisper)

Then, H&S went on to Sand Beach

*note* Curse my arm for sticking out of the tree. If not it would have been an awesome hiding spot. Also note clue 3. >.<

Next, I decided to give Maurice a break (Mo's raccoon name apparently. Poor guy was overworked by Mo.......) so I hid in LS1.

*note* Nobody ever bothered turning around and looking here. They would always go directly into LS.

Afterwards, we took to the sand and head for the hills.... =.=

*note* Look at where I am on the map. I love this secret passageway XD

Since it was getting dark, I decided to hide in the midst of the night in Moonlight tomb hoping Mo won't find me.

*note* it took her that long to find me that I had to afk to toilet. .__.

Last round took us back to Forest of Mist where I decided to throw Mo off the trail by hiding in nub mushie. (it worked on my guildies it sure fooled Mo for a few seconds.... i think)

*note* the kebings in FoM are mean!! They always try to share you TT^TT

So, who wants to play hide and seek next??? Very Happy Let me know either in-game or in-forum. I also do Turkey Run, Fight Club, Monkey Say, You Do! and other events as well....


Goodbye devilishly good looking Monkey, HELLLLOO SMEXINESS! :3
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Ebil Nub

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PostSubject: Re: Hide and Seek Special Mo edition   Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:01 pm


That was awesome What a Face

I'm in for next time, Fight Club maybe ? :3
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Hide and Seek Special Mo edition
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