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 B> (4x) 5x fighter equips / 8x pala boots-pants (Bijou)

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PostSubject: B> (4x) 5x fighter equips / 8x pala boots-pants (Bijou)   Fri Nov 28, 2008 2:37 pm

Hi Smile

I'm looking for 5x green +9 fighter armors, end is a must and other stats except int appreciated Smile
Also looking for a lvl50 +9 axe.
My fighter is currently 41 so if anyone has a few 4x greens (not +9) to make my life easier, I'll buy them.

My pala needs some 84 pala boots and 88 pala pants... max end (or 1 point from it) is a must with other stats appreciated. I'm paying good money for those.

Whisper me ingame (Leyrra or Flauss), I afk vendor a lot so please don't get annoyed if I do not reply immediatly.
Thanks in advance Smile
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B> (4x) 5x fighter equips / 8x pala boots-pants (Bijou)
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