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 Neo DMC - King of mock

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Butterfly Hero

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PostSubject: Neo DMC - King of mock   Thu Nov 27, 2008 7:30 pm

I wrote this one today, there was this thread on Apoline General dedicated to "Bragging about your character"... so I decided to do it in style... *Puts black glasses on and a heavy-looking golden chain around my neck* Let`s do this, remember to sing it to the tune of "King of Rock" by Run DMC *Grabs a mic*

I`m the king of mock, I am no liar
PVP freaks should call me sire
Comediant services always for hire
I won`t stop joking till I retire
If I`m in your party, that is correct
When I start singin` all rhymes connect
Now the Weird Al of Fiesta shall resurrect
To idiots out there, I show no respect

Some say I`m ill, I`m getting iller
Like Richard Miller
Sold some mage pants to a guy named Driller
I`m one def tanker, like any other man
It`s Neo from Neopets, and now for Neoshaman
Scroll and then mock, mock and then scroll
Entertaining you is my final goal
I don`t let anyone stop me from playing my role

Now I devastate, shatter a few floors
All while I`m grinding, listening to The Doors
When I shout on town, nobody blocks
I do it so loud I am heard by Procks
For every player near, I`m a verbal treat
They rock their heads, Neo brings the beat

Think you`re the baddest of the bad, the coolest of the cool?
I`m Neoshaman, I rock and roll, I`m Neoshaman, over you I rule
If you attempt such a feat, try to make me look a fool
Only I can do that, when I`m done I`ll make you drool

You have the laughter in your body, after the message I send
I`m gonna take it all out, as your depression I end
Playing the game, chewing bubble gum
It`s Neoshaman, you will see, like Jordan on Space Jam

I mess up songs, I do it well
Only on Fiesta, not Habbo hotel
I did on many occassions defend players`rights
Don`t take me light, or you`ll say "Yikes!"
So all you PVP freaks, you gotta say please!
I don`t care if you`re high, nor your type of weeds
For all I care you could be smoking trees
I write fast, real fast, you won`t even see

All of you, in my way
If you mess with me, I will blast you away
With a beam, just like Metal Gear Ray
Then continue my show with no delay, HEY!
I spur my party with the words I speak
Playing with some rhymes that are unique
I used to to do that every day of the week
I have verbal skills that can never be beat
So instead of a hater you can be my friend
It`s really easy, my smile I`ll lend
We`ll have fun times, every day we spend
And you can join me in my quest till the very end

I`m a simple man, I hold no riddles
I prefer the Stones, I don`t like the Beatles
My name is Agus, you can call me A
You can call me Neoshaman, or you can call me "Neo, hey!"
Players always ask "Neoshaman, what does it mean?"
Neo for brand new, and Shaman for Shaman King!

Like a pick on an ore, I rock hardcore
When I am done with you, you will be asking for more
For the cameras I act, and attract
My swift tongue`s an aphrodisiac
When my words reach your mind, escape you will not
I will take you on, like you never thought
I`m the real deal, all the rest are fakes
I won`t let you curse, it`s for your own sake
My words are a bat, so take off your hat
If you don`t stay put, I`ll homerun your but t
Just go with the flow, hear only me
Who else will make a song such as this?

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Wet Paper

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PostSubject: Re: Neo DMC - King of mock   Thu Nov 27, 2008 9:46 pm


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Ebil Nub

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PostSubject: Re: Neo DMC - King of mock   Fri Nov 28, 2008 8:09 am


I wish you were on Bijou Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Neo DMC - King of mock   

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Neo DMC - King of mock
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