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 The Epic Search

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PostSubject: The Epic Search   Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:35 pm

Something a wrote a long time ago when one of my Dragons_Wrath guildies hadn't been online for a few weeks. Anyway, without further ado, here it is. Enjoy! Very Happy

The Epic Search

My saga starts in the lovely town of Roumen,
where I first asked Remi, Julia and the beautician.
And they said: "On to Forest of Tides and the Beach of Sand,
There shall you continue your search in a different land"

Here I met a Gang of Imps who were Bored,
yet no matter what I did I was just ignored.
I had some words with a Wolf who was quite Angry
but his ired response simply did not help me.

I then found a place called Sea of Greed,
where I buffed and healed all who were in need,
hoping that this spontaneous good deed,
would to my endless search add some speed.

In Eld I got but moral support from Paladin Keast,
and Shutian had me gather apples and meat for his feast,
I bought a faster horsey from Kenton,
and so my search went on.

Then in the Tomb where the Light of the Moon does shine
I found only eerie music and a frightening Ghost Slime.
And overcome I was with Fear of the evil Werewolf (the swine!)
that's Robo in the Tomb of the Vine.

And in the Camp of the Goblins I did seek,
(and my heavy heart remembered joyful times of us watching them run our way).
I searched in a dangerous and remote Concealed Peak,
where I happened upon and solo'ed a nasty GGK.

I ventured through the grizzly SEG and CP,
spoke to Harkan and Ogre and Karasian Arch Templar,
but they were not of any help to me,
And I pushed on, on a little further.

And in the high city of Uruga,
I bravely wielded my shiny hammer,
with which many orcs and their hunters did I slay
before I was, yet again, on my way.

And in AEW and FOS did I seek
where of an Orc Captain I made mincemeat.
Yes, these lands are indeed dangerous but of utmost beauty,
I pondered, sitting alone at the waterfall lost in my own reality.

And so, through all the lands of Isya did I fare,
yes, through lands of danger and beauty did I dare,
seeking high and low and ... everywhere;
but alas! for I did not find you anywhere.

And so I shall myself better prepare,
with END and SPR and +9'ed gear,
and continue my search for you, my Dear Lady Air.

--Daevor, The Devoted
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Ebil Nub

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PostSubject: Re: The Epic Search   Mon Nov 17, 2008 10:12 am

Wow ._.
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The Epic Search
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