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 Mad World An original alys manga!

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PostSubject: Mad World An original alys manga!   Wed Feb 17, 2010 9:20 am

Mad world is my first attempt at creating my own manga,

A strong and powerful leader, always willing to protect and serve. Hates the attention she always gets from boys because she's the pretiest girl at the academy.

Issabel (Or Ignacious)
Short temper, fits the template for a powerful magician perfectly, he can control himself when needed while hes a boy, but while he's Issabel watch out for pants.

Margin (Or Jema)
A young girl who practically raised herself, when she's up to mischeif, no one can stop her. She runs her own blackmarket selling stuff Sophia decides the team doesn't need. Rare goods are Jema's specialty there.

Yuki ga Furu (The Falling Snow)
Alot like Jema Yuki didn't have a name, she abandoned by her race when she was 5, in her race they are given names at 7 after passing a test, so Yuki never got one. Yuki and Jema are the same in the way that, it was Sophia who gave them a name, Sophia who gave them worth, Sophia who kept them alive and well, they owed their lives to Sophia.

Update coming soon!


Totally forgot about being 14, being 15 sucks!

Okay, that's a lie. I don't need my bush so much anymore ^^

If you're one in a million, your meaning there's a hell of alot of you in china...

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Mad World An original alys manga!
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