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 Gengie has a real-ish life! Story.

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Inevitable Cuteness

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PostSubject: Gengie has a real-ish life! Story.   Tue Oct 13, 2009 6:28 am

The director stood perplexed infront of the stage. His goatee had been geled out of it's usual mess, and his long hair had been tied up. I fingered the wings that had been hastily pasted onto my back. So wouldn't help me fly. The script to this play lay in my hands, I re-read it.

Gengie: It was your fault! Never has he been so humiliated. And he's been humiliated alot!
Stuey: I don't care, your the one that loves him, not me. Why don't you just use those wings of yours and fly away from it all!

I stopped. I could totally screw up the play by ripping off my wings. Oh! Would the director hate that! Maybe i'd get fired too, two birds one stone, director angry AND lose of this job! Perfect.

The director turned around, and I invisioned him as horribly angry. It was a beautiful face, suited him better than when Crystal perfected her lines and he grinned. I hated it when he did that.

"gengie!" he shouted, and I stood immediately at attention. "for god's sake stop that, take your place, we're starting." mumbling under my voice I walked to my place on stage. The greatest men in the whole of the acting career were watching. They were pondering over who would get into this university or something, not like I cared. My mum had lined up a job for me with a recording studio, they'd heard me sing before and wanted to record a single for me. It was like a dream come true, and to make it better, my book had been excepted at a publisher near by.

The music started and Crystal walked on, her face sparkled as she smiled. It made me want o puke. But I stood my ground. Almost. I was giggling, how I went from puking to giggling i don't know, but I was trying so hard to keep a straight face as Crystal danced. I was glad I wouldn't have to do my dance. My hands would hurt from having to slap the ground so many times.
The fainting part of Crystal's dance was my favourite, seconds before it everytime I willed her to actually faint. She did it everytime, and they had to wheel her off stage to wake her up before she had to come on. But I did it this time, and the director was watching me, he'd been watching me this whole time. And when I looked at him he grinned evily, he wasn't oing to stop my performance tonight like he usually does at practise. Shoot! i don't know my lines. He was still looking at me, with that grin on his face that i hate so much. So, just to piss him off, I grinned evily back at him, like saying bring it on.

it was my line, "woah, what happened to her?"
Stuey: her performance ended early, thats what.
Gengie: oh wow, too bad *shrugs*
Stuey: How can you say that!?
Gengie: Easy, that same way I say your a lieing pig

I had no idea what I was saying, i'd only read that one little part of the script...ah screw it! Just keep talking Gengie, you'll be fine.

Stuey: well your a cow!
Gengie: So's Crystal's boyfriend!
Stuey: are a horrible person
Gengie: Get over it *moves closer*
Stuey: No, I will not *turns around to find her right on him* what are you...? *I delicately *wink* place my hand on the back if his head, and while leaning closer*
Gengie: Your such a creap, you know that? *kisses him lightly *another wink**

Stuey didn't pull back, which was what scared me. So I broke it and he wiped his lips on the back of his hand.

Stuey: No, your the creap.
Gengie: believe what ever you like *turning round I wink at the audience (or what there is of one) and leave the stage
Stuey: Confusing...
Gengie: oh right haha sorry! *pulls off wings* these are yours, look after them
Stuey: ummm okay *I walk off again*
Gengie: wait no you know what, bin em. They suck anyway.
Stuey: oh yea, sure whatever.... *shrugs* girls are...strange.

3 hours later
Now i stood facing the greatest men in the acting career, who had introduced themselves as Gregory, Kylie, Pheobe and Mitchell. Like I cared, yet I remembered, haha stupid memory. Anyway, they were explaining how amazing my improvisation skills were, how they wanted them, how they'd pay me more than my album would ever pay me if I would join their impro club. I mean this was a big oportunity, but I had other things. Surely I couldn't fit it in, but trying could never hurt, eh? could it?
Gregory began talking again, so i'll switch to him now.
Gregory: You see Gengie, we read the script, you manipulated it in your own way. we can use that. We could make you big.
Pheobe: But you need to comunicate with us.
Mitchell: You don't seem to be.
Gengie: Nobody listens in this world do they?
Mitchell: No, we are listening Gengie, but, we need you, the acting career needs you. Wether you like it or not, you belong in acting.
Gengie: Sure whatever. I'm leaving now.
I kept my pace all the way to the door, then i turned.
Gengie: I don't belong, just ask the director, i've never been able to belong.
Opening the door now, I heard gasps but I didn't care, I gave up on acting because of this place. I wasn't turning back now.

Stuey: Gengie! Wait up!
Gengie: oh great, just who I needed to see. Stuey.
Stuey: oh shut it!
haha listen to this, I did!
Stuey: I heard them, they talked to me earlier too, and the director, hell they talked to Craytal too, but not about jobs, about you. Craytal had nothing bad to say, she said she competed with you every week, every practise she tried 200% just to be better than you. You didn't have to try, you didn't care. And yet, you were great. She wanted that.
Gengie: no, Stuey, your confusing me with someone else, I gave up on trying, because, of Crystal,.
Stuey: does it matter? if you love something you shouldn't let it go, not just because you think omeone else could get there first, or is better than you.
Gengie: yea, thats how I gave up on you.

His eye's widened but I didn't bother explaining anymore, I walked away. heading for the nearest exit. There was a loud bang behind me, this I turned to. Crystal had come out the bathroom, she was holding a gun, smoke flew out the barrel and it was pointed upwards, she'd shot the ceiling. Stuey was on his knees, tears rolling down his eyes.

Crystal: Hell Stuey, I didn't know you were listening when I said that! I thought i'd make some money if I said something nice about her. But no, I got you! telling HER about it. They don't want me, you know, they don't want me. They want her pretty little face. Well i'll tell you now! They're not going to get her. Not now, not ever. Ha! She won't even be alive! But neither will you stuey, you two can rot in hell together!
Stuey had nothng to say, but I could see reasonable thoughts going through his head. All about how to stop her shooting him. But I felt he would e alright, I don't know where it came from. It was like a sigh of relief everytime I looked at the gun. Such a stupid thing, wouldn't you agree?
Gengie: Wow Crystal, i didn't know you could say so many mean things, you always sounded like an angel, not a bad word in sight.
Crystal: *spits at me* oh, now you've passed my mask, welcome to my world.
Gengie: well, you put on quiet an actor then, everyday. I don't think I could do anything like it.
Gengie; mmm, ok. i'm going to eave now, shoot Stuey as many times as you want.
Crystal: What?
Gengie: I said shoot him, as many times as you like, I won't care, I forgive you, for everything.
Crystal: *paniking* what? no! no you can't! I don't want you forgiveness!
She threw the gun down, and it went off again, but this time no bullet came out. hmmm, how was I right about that? Her body flung around and faced the exit. after swearing some more at me about forgiveness she raced away.
Gengie: mmmm
Stuey: what was that?
Stuey's face was stained with tears, he'd surely believed he was going to die.
Gengie: an angry girl, who can't count bullets.
Stuey: How'd you know there was only one bullet. And why'd she run away from forgivness?
Gengie: mmm I guess it's a quote, Forgive your enemies, nothing pisses them off more. As for the bullets, it was, I guess, a feeling.
Stuey: oh, ok well thank you.
Gengie: Go clean up Stu. I'll take you home. Got my full lisence yesterday.
Stuey: Right, yes. I'll just be a minute.
As Stuey went to the boys toilets i sank down into a chair lying around and laid my head in my hands. Lately something had been messng with me. I'd been getting feelings, about real things. And i'd thought about things and they'd happened. Like two boys were sitting with each other and i'd thought haha they should totaly kiss and they did, as soon as i'd finished thinking. I would usually shrug it off and laugh but it hapened so much lately. Something was going on.
Stuey came out the toilets to see me jump, I don't know what had happened but i knew the drector was in trouble, I woudn't care, but this was from my thoughts, I wasn't letting it go.
Stuey: Gengie? you with me?
Gengie: yea yea, sorry. Lets go.
Stuey: I'm not going home straight away am I?
Gengie: no, not really.
Stuay: ok
So, me and Stuey ran to my car, which I must say is pretty damn awesome. I started the engine and listened to it's purr for a few seconds, beautuful. Then, reversing into a 3 point turn, I left the car park, following the map in my head.
Stuey: Gengie.
Gengie: yes Stuey?
Stuey: ummm, what did you mean by you gave up on me?
Gengie: oh, um, I can't really remember now.
Stuey: really? why'd you say it?
Gengie: sounded right.
Stuey: ah. ok.
We reached where we were supposed to be. It was a park, or what remained of one. I could see a light in the distance, so I got out the car and signalled for Stuey to follow me.
I knew Stuey didn't like dark places, I wasn't as keen on them either, i'd lived in one for almost a year before I was saved by my bio mum.
Stuey: Gengie, is the director going to be alright?
Gengie: When did I tell you it was the director?
Steuy: huh? you didn't?
Gengie: no
Stuey: maybe I read your mind? I seem to have done that few times lately.
Gengie: *I raised an eyebrow* yea, maybe.
We continued walking, but I couldn't get it out of my mind, we both did strange things? With our minds? Was that just a coincidence? aw whatever, i'll think about it later. I have an idiot to save. ha, and this time, that Crystal had more than one bullet. Did I tell you before that it was crystal again? *re-reads* nope, woops, well it's Crystal, she asked the director to drive her home and somehow managed to get him here, I know how, but you don't want to know.
Stuey: Oh my. Can you see that Gengie?
Gengie: yes Stuey, I see it.
Stuey: You mind if I...
Gengie: no, not at all. That bush looks alright. But stay still, no rustling.
Stuey: No Gengie, I was meaning hide.
Gengie: yea, thats what i ment too. Hide in the bush, stay still so it doesn't rustle.
Steuy: oh right, of cause.
So, Crystal Had a gun, with numerous bullets this time. And the drector was tied to a playground. Which i didn't tell you before either. And I had no backup. Except of cause the sword I held, don't ask me why I carry a sword with me. it's a...long, story. That, no, can not, be shortened.

Feel free to let me know any spelling/Grammar mistakes. I'm horrible like that!


Totally forgot about being 14, being 15 sucks!

Okay, that's a lie. I don't need my bush so much anymore ^^

If you're one in a million, your meaning there's a hell of alot of you in china...

I constant way to keep in touch with me. (just in case)
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Inevitable Cuteness

Number of posts : 688
Age : 23
Location : Stalk Me.
Registration date : 2008-11-08

PostSubject: Re: Gengie has a real-ish life! Story.   Wed Oct 14, 2009 5:52 am

Entry 2: First Part

The problem with writing a diarie, is when something amazing happens, you probably can't remember how it went and you either get it wrong, or you have such giant gaps in your memory you can't write anything. Thats just what happened to me. I woke up this morning, under a tree with Stuart next to me, my clothes were a little wild, must have been from the fight or something. My shirt was ripped, and my buttons undone, or pulled off really, leaving little holes on both sides instead of just the one. The mini-shorts i'd worn last night were all but gone leaving dangerous amounts of matereal over my skin. i didn't like the sight I saw around me either. The director lay with his head against a wall not too far across the courtyard, blood stained the ground in numerous places but Crystal was nowhere to be seen, and I couldn't remember what had happened to her.


Totally forgot about being 14, being 15 sucks!

Okay, that's a lie. I don't need my bush so much anymore ^^

If you're one in a million, your meaning there's a hell of alot of you in china...

I constant way to keep in touch with me. (just in case)
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Gengie has a real-ish life! Story.
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