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 S> +9 fighter items (bijou)

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S> +9 fighter items (bijou) Empty
PostSubject: S> +9 fighter items (bijou)   S> +9 fighter items (bijou) Icon_minitimeTue May 05, 2009 4:39 pm

K, i've been trying to sell these two items but so far no luck... that and i haven't really had time to vend.. lols
anyways, the items are:

+9 lvl 70 fighter armour
xx str, 3x end, xx dex (forgot the exact stats)
atm there's no offer or whatever yet... so just lemme know your price.

+9 lvl 70 fighter shield
31 str, 30 end
apparently 10g is too expensive for a shield at with these stats so im not sure the price @@

so all those interested, do lemme know. XD thanks

S> +9 fighter items (bijou) MalauKnightSiggy1-1
Goodbye devilishly good looking Monkey, HELLLLOO SMEXINESS! :3
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S> +9 fighter items (bijou)
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