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 B> lvl 30 xbow (Bijou)

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B> lvl 30 xbow (Bijou) Empty
PostSubject: B> lvl 30 xbow (Bijou)   B> lvl 30 xbow (Bijou) Icon_minitimeMon Jan 26, 2009 5:06 pm

My nublet needs a new toy to steal aggro from tankers. So im looking for a xbow with either str/end/spr stats to go along with my cute but deadly archer that loves to steal aggro xD. Who shall help me obtain aggro domination? XD

oh yea, doesnt really matter if the xbow is enhanced or not.. Very Happy

B> lvl 30 xbow (Bijou) MalauKnightSiggy1-1
Goodbye devilishly good looking Monkey, HELLLLOO SMEXINESS! :3
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B> lvl 30 xbow (Bijou)
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